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The Complete Guide to Sanding and Refinishing Wooden Floors

With this guide, you’ll walk through the entire process of sanding a floor. From the very basics prep stages all the way to putting the finishing touches on the floor to give it that extra “wow” factor that woos guests and family members alike! Covering every kind of finish there is – such as hardwax oils, polyurethane and more – you’ll have perfectly smooth, flat finish, a pocket full of cash and most of all you’ll have astonished your friends and family!

  • DIY Special Discounted Price
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

DIY Upholstery Instructions

With DIY Upholstery Instructions you’ll learn how to give a face lift to worn, tired-out uncomfortable furniture – scruffy, worn out sofas and chairs are renewed like the day they were first created, and chairs you were ready to dispose of are brought back to life. This isn’t work – it’s a fun filled absorbing hobby that will give you endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation!

  • DIY Special Discounted Price
  • DIY Deal – FREE Items Included
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
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